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From the vines to our tables

Cantina Mori Colli Zugna


The vine-growing partners are the essence of Cantina Mori Colli Zugna: they supply their grapes to a single facility equipped with cutting-edge technology, which combines the highly agricultural aspects of countryside activities with the rigour of technology. The vineyards are grown and given special care and dedication by the farmer partners and agronomists of the winery. Daily attention is ensured throughout all seasons, until the grapes are manually harvested.
Cantina Mori Colli ZugnaWe are lucky to have a land that includes a wide range of micro-areas, which were given to us by nature, as well as a modern geographic information system (GIS) that enables detailed traceability of the wines. It is able to manage the entire vineyard, from the type of soil to production per land parcel. We are perhaps the first winery in the world to have a computerised management system (RAěS), and we can unload more than 400 tractor-loads of grapes a day, separating them according to quality and intended use.
Thanks to this system, we are able to identify the special features of the grapes supplied. he computerised system, which is integrated at first through careful analysis by our agricultural technicians and later by our partners, allows us to obtain a detailed overview of the land. The grapes are supplied using a “drop” system in the top part of the section, where winery partners supply their grapes. The partners access the winery using an identification tag, which provides details of the origin of the grapes in relation to the land that we cover, the type of grapes and other data concerning supply. Once the tag has been read, the partners are sent to one of eight collection tanks. From that point onwards, all the following processing stages up to the vinification process involve the “drop” system. The first step begins at the discharge tank, continues with the destemming process, and then proceeds with the presses on a lower floor. From the presses, the must finally reaches the approximately 300 steel tanks on the fourth floor, which are located 17 metres underground. By using a “drop” cycle, we pay special attention to raw materials and can guarantee high-quality wine. We focus on producing wines that have specific properties in order to obtain DOC certification. Our final goal is to enhance the special features of the local area by producing wines that have a strong identity and unique personality. All this can only be achieved thanks to the constant work of our partners in the fields, who patiently preserve the land every day to supply the best grapes possible to the winery.