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The land

Cantina Mori Colli Zugna

Why good wine is produced in the mountains

The 15th century was ruled by the Most Serene Republic of Venice: mulberry fruits nourished the silkworms that spun precious silks, and vines offered prestigious wines. Silk and wine were the fruitful outcome of the expertise, wealth and pride of our people. These elements are a source of pride for Cantina Mori Colli Zugna, which uses them to pay a tribute to the tradition that lives on in its best wines. Cantina Mori Colli ZugnaThe vineyards of the winery, located in the municipality of Mori, in the centre of the Vallagarina along the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori (Road of Wine and Flavours), cover approximately 700 hectares in an area where the vines are accompanied by pine and beech trees that climb up to the highest altitudes. In addition to being the largest underground winery in Europe, Cantina Mori Colli Zugna is an absolute novelty in this region. The very choice of this area was influenced by the opportunity to remain rooted within these production areas. 

The land extends across the Val d’Adige and the lower area of the river Sarca. Southwards, it climbs up to the Brentonico plateau, on the slopes of Monte Baldo, whereas, in the north, it extends towards the Val di Gresta, and then continues along the slopes to the right and left of the river Adige. This variety of landscapes, fragrances and temperatures is the ideal environment for grape growing, thus allowing us to produce wines that provide distinctive and unique organoleptic sensations. Cantina Mori Colli ZugnaOur company's philosophy is aimed at enhancing and exploiting our special features, focusing on a combination of mountain agriculture and technological rigour in order to create and maintain a close connection with our land. The results we have achieved in recent years also confirm this: we have received many prestigious awards and acknowledgments, which prove that the areas of the Vallagarina are particularly suited to winemaking, and that here we are able to offer everything, including structure and tradition”I believe that happiness is to be found among men who are born where good wines are made”
Leonardo Da Vinci