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Who we are

1957- the idea of a few cooperators becomes reality
2012 - a company becomes a great idea

Cantina Mori Colli Zugna is not only the largest underground winery in Europe but it also plays a leading role in the local area. It features cutting-edge technology: a system that allows the traceability of wines as far as the related vineyard, a facility with low human activity, a geothermal power plant, a photovoltaic system, a water recovery system and an implemented "drop" production cycle, which is more respectful of raw materials and ensures that high quality wine is produced. All these aspects make the winery eco-friendly, with low environmental impact, and totally innovative in the region of Trentino.

Our choice and challenge has involved “returning” the winery to the countryside, without sacrificing production requirements. The surface area of the facility, measuring about 100 cubic metres, is located entirely underground. Today, it can guarantee a total cellar capacity of over 100 hectolitres of wine. The location was chosen in order to remain rooted within the wine production areas, thus enhancing the mutual relationship between the local area, nature, cultivation and the transformation of the final product. There was also a desire to be situated in a hilly area, where a natural gradient allowed an underground winery to be set up. Cantina Mori Colli ZugnaUn he latter aspect, which is the second core aspect of the project, is not only instrumental to the correct use of the production activities hosted but it also allows us to work on the aesthetic aspects of the new facility. The organic nature of the only building located above the ground comes from the shape of its windows, which closely follow the shape of the ridge where the wine shop is located. In fact, it is the only building overlooking the valley with views of the surrounding area. The construction of the underground square and the continuous glass surfaces, in the same materials, which reflect the images of the surrounding environment, are all elements of the architectural features that are always present but never overpower its natural look. Nature itself becomes a form of architecture, since most of the winery is covered with vineyards and a “rooftop garden”.

Currently, 680 active partners work at the winery, which has 700 hectares of land planted with vines, from the bottom of the valley up to Corniano at an altitude of 1,000 metres, in the Valle di Gresta. The winery collects, processes and sells about 90% of the wine produced in the area. Over the last few years, the winery has also launched a programme entitled “Quality Project”, aimed at developing wines with specific characteristics and properties in order to become Trentino Superiore DOC.


ecofriendly 2015/2016
ecofriendly 2015/2016